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Welcome to  RIKE DESIGN

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RIKE-DESIGN - your fashion boutique

STEALING THE SHOW with inventive fashion and graceful styles is nothing new to Austrian-born Ulrike Barbara von Radichevich (Uli). A world-class costume designer, who works for the theatre and opera houses of Europe, Uli is proud to welcome you in her lifestyle fashion boutique in Castlemaine, in the popular Mostyn Street shopping precinct.

An accomplished fashion designer, her ‘Rike-Design’ boutique is filled with her own range of handmade apparel, and also on show you’ll find one-off Euro fashions as well as vintage and exclusive designer garments from artisan Australian labels.

According to Uli, her love of design and fashion extends beyond just selling something off the rack to her customers. Uli and her assistant staff believe Rike-Design is all about feeling good about what you wear, not about a one-dimensional retail experience.

“We enjoy being playful with fashion, and customers can feel very relaxed here, they can feel free to co-ordinate garments with accessories, layers and with complementary colours … so here in the Rike store – we assist customers to make great choices."

Rike-Design also offers a full wardrobe consultation on request.

“This is a wonderful way to work with our customers to make the most out of their existing range of clothes, and collaborate with new styling advice.”

The RIKE-DESIGN boutique is a lovingly appointed salon and a stunning example of Uli’s passion for colour and style. Vintage-inspired lines, contemporary footwear and bags are in abundant supply, as is a staff of experts in finding a right fit.


54 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine VIC 3450, Australia

03 5470 6014

Thanks for contacting RIKE-DESIGN!

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